How we think about the world

At Delikates, we like to prioritize the small luxuries available in our environment. For us, fashion is a tangible means of self-expression, the main motive of which is naturalness. This creates the authenticity in which fashion has not yet lost its meaning.

The Delikates Bride

For the Delikates Bride, it is important that her dress fully represents her on the big day and expresses all the hidden values of her personality.

Whether the dress of your dreams is cleanly simple, sophisticatedly elegant, classic, or extravagant, quality workmanship, customization and naturalness are common characteristics of the result. 

Our designers

We, the designers of Delikates Couture, can call ourselves lucky because our hobby is our job. We love beautiful materials, and feminine cut lines and value the harmony between the dress and its wearer. We carefully follow international trends, but at the same time, we need to shape our own style. We believe that a personal connection to clothes is very important in this fast-paced world driven by consumption: the hand-made details and the intimate relationship with our brides all bring us closer to value creation.

Szász Emőke and György Eszter