Delikates Couture deals with the design and execution of unique dresses and wedding dress collections produced in small numbers. You can decide to choose a dress from the annual collections, which we will make for you in your size, or to sew a unique creation designed for you for the big day.

Order a dress from the collection

How can I try on the clothes?

A clothes trial combined with a consultation is possible after a prior appointment. The sample pieces of the current collection can all be tried on in our salon in Csíkszereda, in sizes 36–38, and in the case of certain dresses, even in sizes 44. In addition to the pieces of the current collection, there are also a few prototypes from older collections available in our salon, as well as other, similar clothes, which you can try on when you visit.

How is a garment made?

The dress you choose is always made to measure. This allows you to request minor changes and customize your dress to a certain extent. You can choose a different material or type of skirt, short instead of long sleeves and vice versa, extra beading, or a version without beads. Compared to the pre-determined price of the dress, the fulfillment of extra demands entails a surcharge, which we calculate for you based on a mutual agreement.

After the first fitting and the selection of the dress, three meetings are necessary to realize the dress of your dreams, and these meetings take place in our salon under the guidance of professionals. We do not rent dresses, our goal is to make every dress of the highest possible quality, taking into account the most personal needs of the bride.

What size can you make the dress in?

We make our clothes according to your measurements. Certain models can also be ordered in full and slim sizes, and our designers are at your disposal to find the most suitable piece of clothing for you.

Can I buy a ready-made dress?

In most cases, the prototype cannot be purchased, but there are some exceptions. In the salon, however, during the personal consultation, you will have the opportunity to try on unique wedding dresses, from which we made only some pieces, which are available for a price between 3000-4800 RON. You can even buy them locally, or we can make them to size for an additional fee.

How much does a Delikates Couture Collection dress cost?

The prices of the clothes selected from the current collection shown on our website are between 4,800 and 6,000 RON, contact us for specific information and a personalized quote.

Order a dress based on a unique idea

Our designers are at your disposal even if you want a unique dress, designed to your size and created according to your needs. Creating the dress of your dreams is an exceptional opportunity to make everything about you during the rehearsals and for your personality to take center stage in the design of the dress.

How is the dress designed?

Your ideas are at the center of unique clothing design. We will create together: you have the opportunity to choose the materials, colors, and decorations. Our designers will help you with your decisions from the moment of the first consultation to the last fitting, so that at the end of the process, on the Big Day, you can feel really good in the dress of your dreams.

How many trials are required?

If you chose the custom dress design, then in addition to the first consultation, you will need three more trials, the last of which you can take your dress. In the case of our brides coming from afar or abroad, combined rehearsals are also possible, these details will be clarified based on personal consultation.

How long does it take to make a Delikates Couture custom dress?

The ideal time to make a wedding dress is 3-6 months, in some cases, we can fulfill shorter orders. After contacting us, we will consult about the time available to us. The model, the materials used, and the handmade details greatly influence the time required to complete the garment.

How much does a custom-designed Delikates Couture dress cost?

The prices of dresses made based on a unique idea start from 5,800 RON, the final price varies depending on the complexity of the chosen model, the materials and accessories used, as well as the handmade details (embroidery, beading). In all cases, we calculate the price in advance, so you will know at the beginning of the planning process how much you have to spend on the dress of your dreams.